We at Punk Rock Burlesque believe that burlesque is for everybody and every body. We do not believe that burlesque should be inaccessible to those who have less money than others, which is why  we do not charge interested individuals who wish to learn how to do burlesque. We are politically charged, and while our shows are a lot of fun, they often include powerful artistic acts that highlight the injustices in our current world and political climate. We are activists and allies, fighting for human rights and shining a spotlight on political discourse. We proudly identify as a feminist group, and we believe that the patriarchy hurts every gender. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and many of us swim in the alphabet soup of that acronym ourselves. We believe that Black Lives Matter, that the Latino/a community enriches our country, that immigrants deserve a place here no matter where they are from, and that the deep systemic racism in the U.S. needs to be examined and eliminated. We are sex positive and strongly promote the concept that not only is consent sexy, it should always be obtained prior to engaging in any contact with another adult. We are the types of people that certain groups call “snowflakes” but we believe that when enough snowflakes get together, they can cause an avalanche. We are Punk Rock Burlesque, and we don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about it. If someone doesn’t like what we do or what we have to say, we would rather them stay home. But if you’re down to rock out with us, we are so happy to have you!

Rules of the Show


Audience members are welcome to take pictures for their own personal enjoyment,
but DO NOT post to social media, share with friends, or even show the picture to other people without the EXPRESS CONSENT of all the performers in the pictures.


DO NOT TOUCH the performers without their EXPRESS CONSENT.
(This includes when tipping during a performance. While we have great respect for our stripper sisters and brothers, we are not strippers and we will not take kindly to tips shoved in our g-strings.)


Our performers are diverse in a variety of ways, such as body type, skin color, gender expression, sexuality, and much more,
and we will not tolerate any audience member who attempts to shame anyone for their body, performer or otherwise.


Cash tips for the performers are greatly appreciated, but we ask that you either throw bills onto the stage or put them in our tip bucket. Please do not throw change!!


Don’t be a dick.
(Which really sums up the whole list of rules, but sometimes things need to be explicitly stated…)

The History of PRB

Punk Rock Burlesque was born in August 2014, when Squeaky Springs started her Punk Rock Bingo show at Tennyson’s Tap. The bar owner wanted a really big blowout celebration for the kickoff and threw out the idea of including burlesque, since Squeaky had been performing with a local troupe at that time. It was from this happenstance beginning that Squeaky became a show producer, developing a positive reputation for creating a welcoming and fair environment for burlesque performers, and a safe space for performers of all body types. Over time, producing shows turned into leading a troupe as PRB’s reputation for offering a guaranteed pay for performers – even when PRB performs in shows that are free for patrons – began to get noticed.

Denver’s Rebel Burlesque troupe is proud to be a feminist, PC, liberal burlesque troupe that does not back down from calling out inequality. We provide opportunities to anyone over 21 to participate in burlesque because we believe everyBODY is beautiful! In addition to troupe members, who are the performers who put in extra work to help the troupe grow, many local and out-of-state performers sign up for Punk Rock Burlesque shows regularly, where stage time is granted on a first-come, first-served basis – regardless of member status, years performing, or standing friendships – because creating an equal opportunity is something PRB is always striving toward!

Not surprisingly, PRB has deep roots in punk culture, and the punk spirit has infused every part of the way PRB does business, from making art accessible to all and paying artists for their work, to building on community, barter, and reciprocal business relationships to help the PRB brand grow.  Punk Rock Burlesque is thriving as a troupe, and creating opportunities for individual growth in both troupe members and guest performers alike. We are excited to see what the future has in store for Punk Rock Burlesque, and whether on the stage or in the audience, we hope you will be there to grow with us!

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