Troupe Members and Performers

Punk Rock Burlesque is proud of their reputation for treating performers with respect  and paying performers for their art when they do a show with us.
Over the 3+ years that PRB has been in operation, we have been blessed to have many burlesque babes grace our stage.
We are very proud of the fact that over 70 local artists perform regularly with PRB currently, representing a vast array of ages, genders, body types, sexual orientation, ethnicity, races, and other diversity.
In addition, the number of guest performers who live outside of Colorado and seek to perform with us every time they visit Denver is growing exponentially.
Our troupe is comprised of individuals who have dedicated their time to Punk Rock Burlesque, above and beyond performance nights, and these hard working performers represent the working machinery of PRB.

Troupe Members

Squeaky Springs

Producer and Troupe Leader

Squeaky Springs created Punk Rock Burlesque in 2014 and has been so proud to watch it grow! With over 90 performers on our roster, and the move to Streets of London in 2017, she feels like all her hard work is paying off. As a performer, she has graced stages all over Colorado and has participated in the Colorado Burlesque Festival, Michigan Burlesque Festival, and Sin City Burlesque Competition, as well as been a headliner in Wyoming. She has acts that range from classic to neo to political – nothing is off limits! Her passions include, but are not limited to; empowering all persons to live to their truest potential, going to punk shows, and eating all the ice cream. She looks forward to continuing to create more acts and expand Punk Rock Burlesque to continue to become more awesome…possibly the most awesome… 

Squeaky is undoubtedly the Queen of Punk (we’ll fight anyone who says otherwise!), and her Punk Rock Bingo and Trivia is sure to delight music lovers, regardless of music tastes.



Zing carried a dream to become a burlesque dancer for over a decade before time and courage finally aligned to allow her to pursue her passion. She strongly believes that joining up with PRB in the Spring of 2017 was one of the best decisions she has ever made, and this troupe has certainly become like family to her. In addition to deeply appreciating the traits of love, empathy, and respect that are shared by all the members of Punk Rock Burlesque, Zing is proud to support and contribute to the social justice and body positivity work the troupe does, both on and off stage. With a love of comic books, pop culture, sci-fi, and other fandoms (after all, her name is inspired by her favorite film, The Fifth Element!) that she tends to bring to the stage, as well as her highly animated, expressive face, Zing Bada Boom is the “living cartoon who will make you swoon!”



Lilith Lestrange is one of the nerdy members of Punk Rock Burlesque. She loves everything from Batman to Chemistry to Mythology. While still identifying her style, she loves to incorporate anything nerdy or offbeat. In her Muggle life she holds a corporate office job. Burlesque has allowed her to express herself in ways she doesn’t find herself able to do in her Muggle life and it has opened up her mind and body to things she never thought she was capable of.

Salty Ce strives to create intimate spaces in which they and the audience can explore transness, queerness, and abjection in order to redefine what can be beautiful. They are a QTPOC performer who believes in safe spaces, racial justice and equity, body positivity, sex positivity, decolonialism, accountability, anti-oppression, and queer and trans visibility and power.
Salty finds inspiration in anything strange, colorful, cute, loud, and sometimes even a little scary.
You never quite know just what this babe is going to do.


Yummy is new to the burlesque scene but has been looking for a way to incorporate her sewing skills, creativity and deliciousness all in one place. She found the perfect home with the Punk Rock Burlesque troupe! Her day job is trapped behind a computer so getting to stretch her legs (sexily, I might add) with burlesque is just the shake up she needs!



Violet joined our kittening program in fall of 2017 and worked her way up to performer as of July 2018. She joined burlesque to become confident in her sensuality and to help empower women. Violet loves weed, cats, and her amazing burlesque community.



Nikki is the ghost with the most. Our troupe secretary is the perfect mix of campy, curvy, sexy, and spooky. She’s sure to give you the fright of your lives and leave you begging for more.



Shel Silverslice is an effervescent, cannababe from Virginia, who first discovered her love for performing through flow art and gogo dancing during her rave days. Nowadays, her love for expressing herself through dance has never died, so this journey into the burlesque world is long overdue! She gathers her inspiration through cult classic films, a huge plethora of music, and contemporary art. A curvaceous, sex-positive member of the LGBTQ community, she hopes to inspire others, to make them laugh, and to turn them on, all at the same time! Don’t miss this vixens Punk Rock burlesque performance!



Long ago in a galaxy far far away an alien race of total babes sent a pilgrim to earth to tantalize your mind and body. The Alien She from another galaxy, SpaceAge Betty Page loves her Punk Rock Burlesque family, and brings her quirky blend of sci-fi sexy to the PRB stage.

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